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Now available from our stock!

Keep your engine cool on track days with EVANS proven LIFETIME Waterless Engine Coolant

  • Gain More BHP!
  • Improve MPG!
  • -40°C to 180°C!
  • No need to increase radiator size!
  • Fans come on less!

As used by well known Mosler Automotive Racing

Evans Coolant designed for Racing, Performance, Classic & Vintage Applications

Perhaps you have spent thousands on your vehicle? Want to preserve your investment? Protect it with proven Evans Waterless Coolant fluids.

You put the best performance parts on your cars, bikes and other motor sport veihcles, the latest high tech equipment. Then revert to good old fashioned water and anti-freeze to keep it all together.

Now there's a better option!

Evans Coolant fluids can get the results you need from the upgrades safely, and help allow for optimum performance.
Increasing the operating temperature means the fan does not have to run as much, increasing fuel economy by up to 10%.

Evans WILL NOT impact on a manufacturer's warranty because the product is recognised by ASTM and BSI standards as an automotive anti freeze/coolant. In easy terms it is just an alternative anti freeze to a 50/50 mix. It does not make any modifications to the coolant system, it is just a replacement product.

Water-based coolants cause cavitation and damage the engine over time. Evans coolant extends your engines life by reducing pressure and prohibiting corrosion.
Evans’ waterless technology helps reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions, hazardous waste and preserve natural resources.
Evans Coolant is a lifetime coolant if it does not become contaminated with water; future replacement and disposal costs are eliminated! Evans contains additives that remain stable and in suspension during storage and use.

MODERNMOTORCYCLING.COM is the leading Dealer, stockist, and reseller of Evans waterless Engine Coolants for your Classic, Vintage, Collectors and High Performance applications.


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